Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wide Tube Sneak Peak: Tron: Legacy

I have been in Robinson's Galleria Movie World last week and I saw a poster for Tron: Legacy. I remember seeing an almost similar movie poster in the room of Chuck Bartowski in the TV series. Based on Chuck, Tron was the greatest movie he ever watched because he watched it with his father.

Out of curiousity, I have checked information regarding the movie Tron. I found out that it was released in 1982 produced by Walt Disney Pictures and stars Jeff Bridges. It was about a man's journey and adventure in the virtual world and the battle against artificial intelligence who imprisoned him in the computer world. It was 1982 when computer effects is just starting to proliferate movies and you would not imagine how good was the effects for this movie during that time. It was a box office success for Walt Disney for an action sci-fi movie possibly due to a new concept for the storyline of the computer world during that time.

I manage to get a copy of the trailer of the 1982 movie and watch for yourself how was the special effects during that time:

28 years later Disney will release the sequel Tron: Legacy with Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their original role. Kevin Flynn (Bridges), CEO of ENCOM has been missing for some time and his son Sam (Garett Hedlund) finds a clue leading him to his father's old arcade game house. He was then transported in the virtual world and finds that his father was trapped in the same world where he was before. Both father and son must fight their way, back to the real world, against an enemy who will do everything to stop them from doing so.

Watch the official trailer from Yahoo! Movies and see for your self the difference of the light cycle scenes from the original movie and the sequel.

Tron: Legacy will be released by Disney Pictures on December 2010 so mark your calendar for that holiday movie presentation.

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