Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dietrich's Eyes: Trick or Treat at the Office

We had Trick or Treat celebration at the office. Good thing my schedule, which was 8 AM - 5 PM, was just perfect for me to be able to join the company's Halloween celebration.

I thought I was just going take pictures for the event but my colleague, Beloy, who was into cosplaying asked if we can modify my Terminator T-800 mask for the event. He also asked me to wear it since it was my mask, so I decided to join the costumed party that night. Good thing I had Jeff (Mapanuri) took Dietrich to take pictures since he did not bring his camera.

So here are the pictures from our Halloween Trick or Treat celebration:

It was a nice concept for the door to be converted to a steel gate.

Truly, Halloween won't be complete without the spooky masks.

A PVZ inspired design by another department.

X-Men wall artwork made by Silas Moyong.

Trick or treat goodies for kids are always present in any Halloween party.
Then we had the costumed heroes and villains from different movies and shows:

The Executioner from Resident Evil: Afterlife

Jill Valentine from Resident Evil series

Voltes V

Kamen Rider Zolda

Gashakura from Flame of Recca is bullying Tall Nut from Plants vs. Zombies

It is really scary to receive the Termination paper from the Terminator.

White Queen's soldier from Alice in Wonderland

Queen of Heart's soldier from Alice in Wonderland

4 of Mark Beloy's costume in one picture. This is AWESOME!


  1. kahit ako ayokong makakuha ng termination paper mula kay terminator. Mateterminate ka ng bongga :D

  2. Sayang I missed the Trick or Treat and Halloween Event! Nice pics. Beloy's Executioner's Axe is one of my favorite weapons (+1 sta +1 agi :p)

  3. Buti sana kung papatayin ka, eh tatanggalin ka lang sa trabaho - SCARY!

  4. According to Beloy, yung executioner axe daw is +5 intelligence.
    Potek, Axe/Hammer tapos pang spellcaster ang attribute.