Saturday, May 23, 2020

May 23 - Prologue

He landed on the land below. Tony ducked and fled to the other side of the convention center. He tried the doors, but they only opened from inside-- this wasn't the main entrance. He spotted a pair of wooden railings next door, lining a walkway that led to a tall, concrete barrier. Tony realized he's stumbled on to an outdoor arena. Good. Let the reporters look for him at the convention center's exit or in the parking structure.
Tony loved attention, sure. But when he'd told the world he was Iron Man and that Stark Enterprises was changing its focus, he's only been prepared for the fawning-- not for the incessant questioning about his sincerity. He certainly didn't expect the fictional headlines the tabloids has generated, or the salacious-- and utterly false-- rumors about his friends and colleagues.

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