SpiderHamWorld.com is a personal blog. It talks about movies I watch, whether on cinemas or pirated copies; TV shows and series I catch over the internet (no time to watch free TV); food and restaurants whose food and service is great, online games, events like cosplay and conventions, books and magazines that I read, and many other things I like to write about.

The blog was created on August 2009. It started when an article written for an online magazine under development was not published and was delayed for months causing the topic to expire. This prompted me to create a blog and continue writing there instead for the online publication. This blog allowed me to continue my writing skill to improve my skills.

The blogger is a licensed Geodetic Engineer by profession, and was able to practice land surveying for sometime before opting to work for a construction company. He was not able to last in the construction site because he found out that hardware type of work (hollow blocks and cement) is not his cup of tea so he shifted to a softer company. At present he works as a technical support engineer for the software company (hardware -> software, lol!).

The blogger likes to play computer games, particularly RPG (GTA), MMORPG (World of Warcraft) and car racing (Need for Speed Series). Currently he is into photography but it looks like photography is not yet into him. With the help of Dietrich (his Nikon D3000), he is still hoping to develop his skills in photography and be known as a great photographer someday. He is also fond of pussy... pussycat that is, and currently owns a cat named Nine (haven't loss any of her lives yet). But it does not mean he's a cat person, having a dog at home is just not possible due to lack of space and time.

Enjoy reading my blog!

Updated 10.14.10