Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Walking Dead: Bloodletting

Bloodletting is the second episode The Walking Dead season 2. The episode begins with a flash back scene when Rick was shot. It shows how Lori having some issues with Rick and their marriage somehow on the rocks. Shane arrives telling her that Rick is in surgery after being shot. Lori then tells Shane what happened to her father.

Back to present time, Rick and Shane is shown running with another man, later identified as Otis, the man who accidentally shot Carl. (Too bad they did not get the deer). Otis leads them to the Hershel Greene's farm who turns out to be a doctor. Carl was immediately attended to and fortunate enough that his father shares the same blood type.

The other group who is heading back to the highway even though hearing the gun shot decided to continue looking for Sophia. Dale noticed that T-Dog may be having blood infection from the cut he had from the previous episode. They tried searching the vehicles for some antibiotics.

Rick then proceeded in giving blood to Carl as Hershel gets one of the bullet fragments inside him. Carl is furious asking that Lori has to be here while this is happening. Hershel orders him to stay since the boy might need another transfusion. Turns out that Carl will need to undergo surgery because one of the fragments might have caused internal bleeding. For the operation to be successful they need some medical supplies that can only be found on an abandoned high school that was turned into an emergency medical facility. Otis volunteered to guide Shane since he was a medical volunteer.

While the other group decided to call off the search since it's already late. At the highway T-Dog is getting impatient and tells Dale that they were left since they are the weakest in the group. T-Dog then tells him that they have to leave. Turns out that he has fever due to the infection.

On the way back to the highway, Andrea is attacked by a wandering walker and saved by Maggie Greene who then picks up Lori and delivers the news of the accident. Upon getting back to the highway, Daryl provided some of his brother's illegal drug for T-Dog's infection. They planned to go to the Greene farm but Carol won't agree since Sophia might come back and find them gone. They then decided to leave the RV with a message and supplies with Daryl and Dave to be left with the RV.

Rick and Lori later finds out that Hershel is a vet and somehow got disappointed but puts their hope in him since they don't have a choice. Otis and Shane discovered that the facility is still plagued with walkers. They had them distracted with flares from the police car. Upon getting the necessary supplies and getting out they were chased by the walkers (damn these walkers can run!) and were trapped inside the school.

The second episode introduces new characters like the Greene family, Hershel, and his daughter Maggie; Otis (or the idiot who shot my son as called by Lori) and his girlfriend Patricia and 2 others not yet named. Hershel Greene, played by Scott Wilson (if you're a CSI fanatic, you'll recognize him as Catherine Willows' father Sam Braun), is somehow optimistic about the plague. I like his philosophy about waiting for a cure. It seems that he has somebody close to him he wanted to be cured. This might be a spoiler but we'll never know what this new character will bring to the group.

My quote for the episode was delivered by Hershel saying "Mankind has been fighting plague from the start. We get our behinds kicked for a while then we bounce back. It's nature correcting itself, restoring some balance" which Rick replies that he wish he can believe that and I agree with him. Hopefully there will be a cure but not to be seen now so that the series can go on.

The episode ended again with another set of questions. We're still wondering where the hell is Sophia? Will Shane and Otis make it out of the school? Will Carl make it to the rest of the series season? Too bad the deer was wasted then.


  1. Me season 2 na pala. Nakakabitin naman ng wento nito eh pero pinapanood ko pa rin naman. Too bad di na talaga ako makapanood sa bahay wala na mapanooran.

  2. bitin ang episode 2. parang..... waaa. yun na yun?

    yung si sophia baka zombie na. hopefully. ahahaha

  3. whenever I watch something, I imagine myself in the situation and this is one hell of a situation I wouldn't want to be in, kahit sinu ayaw.sana di mangyari yan sa human civilizations.ouch

  4. mukhang hooked tayo dito ah.. hehe nice to know meron na season 2.. :)

  5. @pusang kalye, wouldnt it be fun to have zombies in the city~
    @ardee, the show is really nice to watch, been waiting for this ever since season one ended last year.
    @silentpal & khanto, laging bitin. gusto niyo ba spoiler???