Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hammy's TV: The Walking Dead Webisodes

AMC Network just released the webisodes for The Walking Dead in preparation for the second season of the series which will start on October 16.

The web series entitled The Walking Dead: Torn Apart tells the story of Hannah, more known as the "Bicycle Girl". She was shown during the pilot episode in season 1 when Rick Grimes encountered her as a badly decayed zombie lying beside a bicycle in the park. Rick takes pity and walks back to shoot her to end her suffering.

The web series, which consists of 6 episodes, shows the back story of Hannah and her struggle to protect her family against the impending zombie apocalypse. It also shows how she ended up one of the walkers, but I think she's more of a crawler actually since she only has half of her body left.

Here's the first webisode entitled A New Day:

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