Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Walking Dead: What Lies Ahead

The Walking Dead Season 2 began last Sunday, October 16 with the episode entitled "What Lies Ahead". So the Walking Dead invades television with their second season.

"What Lies Ahead" shows what happened after leaving CDC headquarters before it blew up due to automatic decontamination procedure of the facility. Rick Grimes decided to leave Atlanta and head to Fort Benning for a possible sanctuary. He then leaves a message to Morgan (from pilot episode "Days Gone Bye") telling them that the CDC headquarters was a dead-end and they will be leaving Atlanta.

They then reached a part of the highway with overturned vehicles. As they try to search a way to pass thru, the RV drove by Dale blows a hose, leaving the stranded in an open area. While the RV is fixed they decided to look for usable items like food, water and clothing.

Suddenly a horde of walkers came from nowhere (remember Lesson Number 2). Almost everybody hides underneath the cars with the exception of Andrea who was left inside the RV. One walker comes inside the RV and discovered her and Dale from RV's roof gives her a screwdriver and stabs the walker in the eye. (I'm not sure why this walker comes inside the RV. Are these walkers able to think that it decided to take a look inside the RV while most of the other just walks by?)

T-Dog cuts his arm while trying to hide which made the walkers follow him thru the trail of blood he left. Daryl saves him by stabbing one of the walkers and covering them with the dead bodies to throw off the walkers away from them.

With the horde passing them by, Sophia thinking that all the walkers already pass by, left her hiding spot and was chased by 2 walkers to the forest. Rick then follows her and draws the walker's attention because he can outrun them. Sophia left the hiding spot but was not able to get back to the highway. As Rick and Daryl follows Sophia's trail, they encounter another walker in the woods and cut if out to check the possibility if it might have attacked her. Luckily, it did not and they decided to cut the search off temporarily since it is getting late. The next morning the group decided to look for Sophia in the woods. (Damn! This episode should be entitled "Donde Esta Sophia?"). Dale and T-Dog were left to guard the cars.

Before they left, an argument between Dale and Andrea erupts as the latter does not want to give her gun back. Further conversation reveals that she despises her for taking away her choices, especially when she decided to stay in the CDC facility (TS-19 episode) to end her life but opted to go outside as she does not want Dale to die with her.

In the woods, they discovered a tent where a man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The group's attention was caught by a bell ringing and found a church in a clearing. Inside the church they found 3 walkers sitting in the pews (This is getting weirder! It seems that they pray. Praying for food I guess.) Upon killing and clearing the church, they found no Sophia and the bell as a pre-recorded electrical bell on a timer.

While the others are inside, Andrea overhears Shane and Lori arguing about how he treats Carl recently. Shane finally tells her that he will leave the group if he gets a chance because he thinks it’s the best for them (regarding their relationship prior to Rick being alive). She (Andrea) then asks Shane to take her with him as she does not want to stay with the group anymore.

The group then splits leaving Rick, Shane and Carl to search the vicinity for Sophia, while the rest went back to the highway. Rick then asks for a sign that he can still be a leader to the group. While walking in the woods, the three spotted a deer grazing in the woods and the two let Carl come near it. The episode ended with Carl being shot by a fire intended to the deer by another gun.

This episode raised my curiosity as we start to see how the walkers behave like a normal human being like checking an open RV or sitting in the church pews. Maybe we need to review some of the survival tips (part 1 and part 2) and I might as well add up new tips while waiting for the next episode. This leaves me with a lot of questions. Who shot the deer? Will Carl survive the shot? Where the heck is Sophia? Will they leave the deer behind or take its meat as food provision for the survivor? Hope to get the answers in the next episode. I leave you with the trailer for the Season 2 from Youtube.

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