Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hammy's TV: Survival Guide Against Zombies

These are a list of Hammy's survival tips in the event of zombie apocalypse.

Survival Lesson No. 1 - I can hear you
We have learned on the pilot episode of The Walking Dead that the "Walkers" is sensitive to sound. Once they heard a sound, they will follow where it came from because they know there's a possibility of food source on that direction.

Survival Lesson No. 2 - You lead, I'll follow
We also learned that the zombies will also follow another one because they believe the first one might be pursuing a food source. This will create a domino effect creating a horde of zombies converging at one point.

Survival Lesson No. 3 - Brainz!
Zombies can only be killed by destroying their brains. Make sure you have a baseball bat handy in case you encounter them individually. We do not recommend using guns as it might lure other zombies to you (remember Lesson 1). Decapitation might be done but the head might continue biting it left on an unsecured place.

Survival Lesson No. 4 - I can smell you
Beside from sound sensitivity, the second episode showed us that the walkers can smell any living human. As Rick Grimes theorized "If we smell like them, they won't attack us". So that's what Rick and Glen planned to escape when they were trapped on a department store. Just a precaution with this survival guide item, make sure you have a strong stomach before trying this one out and also try to check your local weather news before venturing out with zombie grimes.

AMC Network officially announced that the series has been renewed for a second season to begin in February of next year after a successful airing of the second episode.