Thursday, January 28, 2010

Real Leaf: New Drink to Quench Your Thirst

I have recently heard that there's a new drink to hit the supermarket shelves. Coca-Cola Philippines launched Real Leaf last December.

If I am not mistaken, Real Leaf is the first green tea product Coca-Cola Philippines have released. It's a good thing they have decided to release a green tea in their product line.

Real Leaf is endorsed by the father-son tandem of Gary and Gab Valenciano. You might have already seen their commercial advertisement on TV lately. As part of their product launching, they have included a contest over the internet for everybody. The contest is to take a picture of somebody drinking Real Leaf Green Tea.

I have tried and tasted the 3 flavors and find them nice. It does not have an after taste that other green tea drinks usually give you after finishing a bottle. After sampling the flavors, I preferred the Honey-Apple among it.

Since I recently acquired a camera, I might as well test my shooting skills with this contest. Some of my pictures will not really be valid as an entry but I cannot help to include it for blogging sake.

Here are some of my shots:

Real Leaf fresh from the grocery cart.

Best with sizzling meal.

Orange (AKA Orany the Orangutan) might not be able to drink it, but won't it be nice to endorse a fellow Coca-Cola product. Orany is actually a Plush Doll released by Coca-Cola International.

Dimples did not hesitate to show her killer smile while posing for the picture. She might get discovered for this shoot.

Marie showed a shy type side of her persona while taking a break at her cubicle.

Angie is busy doing her work or is it something else in her computer. Good thing there's a Real Leaf she can reach just in case she gets thirsty

My team lead, Monroe, who says he looks like a young actor (ehem!) did not hesitate to pose with Real Leaf. It's been his dream to endorse a product like his look alike.

Hopefully I can add another set by tomorrow before the contest ends.


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