Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anne Curtis Nipple Slip

I am sorry to disappoint you, you will not see any pictures of Anne Curtis's recent controversial video in this blog.

It has been a long time that female celebrities is involved in this kind of scandal. Anne Curtis has just been included in the long list of celebrities, foreign and local, with this kind of nip slip scandal video. It's not their fault if they need to wear those bikinis, they are celebrities and its part of their job.

They should have been more careful when wearing this type of clothing. She should have used transparent strap or should have used the wonders of double sided tape (I have friends who been using that when they join beauty pageants).

I really pity Anne Curtis with what happened. It will really be impossible to prevent those people from not posting the pictures. But like any other scandals this will eventually die but not that soon.

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