Friday, June 04, 2010

Dietrich's Eyes: My Santacruzan Adventures

It was the last two days of May when I went back to my hometown to fulfill my duties as one of the committee officers of the Mayflower Festival in our parish.

I did not really want to accept the responsibilities because it will consume some of my time because I will be required to attend some of the meetings and it will be difficult for me to travel from Manila to Quezon. But my mother told me that if I refused these responsibilities, I would somehow refuse the Virgin Mary's request. So as a religious person (???) and obedient son I accepted the challenge provided that she (my mom) will attend the meetings since I will not be able to do so.

And so the long wait is over, the Santacruzan is now here. Part of the deal was to attend the procession and grand ball at the town plaza. So here I am who took the night trip to be able to attend the procession. I have decided to bring Dietrich (my Nikon D3000) to take some shots so as to make myself a little useful for the committee.

Here are some of my shots and let me leave some captions for you to enjoy:

This one reminds me of the movie Stardust wherein a young man was able to retrieve a falling star.

This little girl caught my attention during the mass because of the eyeglass she wears. It makes her cute.

A good sister knows how to help her little sister.

This boy shows that even in this outfit, he can be cool.

Waiting for the "sagalas" to finish their "Luwa" or the Praises for the Virgin Mary can be a little bit tiring. I bet no one can blame them for doing this.

This is what I call "grace under the intense heat of the afternoon sun".

They believe that eating and drinking during the procession is not prohibited.

I think this little angel got tired of walking. Good thing daddy's here to the rescue.

It's true that nobody can part from their mobile phones.

This little girl have a lot of confidence. Maybe its in her genes.

This man never failed to take the opportunity to earn from the scorching heat of the sun.

She still have time to pose for the camera.

I think she's tired and sleepy. After this long walk that we're doing, I'm sure she should be.

"Someday, I will be a 'sagala' but for the mean time I'll just play"

There are times that you can't really get all the lines correct, especially if your part is that long. That's where manila paper can be helpful, very helpful.

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