Friday, October 22, 2010

Dietrich's Eyes: Otaku Expo Reload

They say October 10, 2010 or 10-10-10 was a special day. I did not try to run like some of my office-mates did that day. I'm a little out of shape and I am not ready to break my bones in joining 'run for a cause' marathon.

So I decided to go to SM Megamall to meet some of my friends and have dinner. At the same time there was a cosplay event that is held in Megatrade Hall and I would like to take some pictures of the cosplayers.

I am not really familiar with the characters that they are portraying, if I have described it incorrectly or if you know the person in the picture, just hit the comments section for the information.

Leonidas from 300

I call her a Dark Angel

War Machine


Kenshin's female counterpart

Werewolf Duo

I'm wondering what Pocky taste like

Iron Man

Lambo from Reborn! series. Moo! Anyone?

Kristel Lim as Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

I took a shot from the back to show the wings' detail.

Remy and Linguini from Ratatouille. This is the first time I saw a Disney character portrayed in a cosplay event.


  1. astig ng costume ni erza! magaganda ang damit nia. Astig.

    yung baka/cow ay si Lambo from Hitman Tutor Reborn :D

  2. agree! galing ng custome, perfect fit para sa kanya. i bet panalo to - ERZA ooh, the loot bags and cash!