Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Everyday Eveready Moments

I grew up in the province where electricity was provided by a local electric cooperative. It was the early 90's and from time to time we would experience scheduled power interruptions. This might be due to the fact that the electric cooperative is just in their starting stage.

When there is a typhoon coming, you can also expect power cut-off. Since power lines are distributed through wooden electric posts, which when damaged by the typhoon, you can expect a week before power is restored.

During these times, we usually rely on flashlights during night time. And my aunt usually make sure to have a stock of batteries to make sure we won't be stumbling in the dark. So before the sun goes down, they usually asks me or my cousins to buy Eveready batteries. The funny thing is they don't say it as battery but Eveready like it was the common name for it.

I guess they grew up with Eveready ever since that the brand become synonymous with batteries like Kodak for cameras. That's not impossible upon learning that Eveready is now 110 years in the line of business.

Now that I have grown up and living in the city, power interruption is still a part of city living specially during typhoons. Although the evolution of rechargeable lights have arrived, Eveready never fails to provide power during these 'dark' times.

I hope that in the future, Eveready will continue the legacy it has given to Filipino people like what they had for the past 110 years. So that our children will still know how Eveready become part of us being prepared at all times.

UPDATE AS OF 12.22.10
You may also visit Eveready Phils. official site here and their official Facebook fan page here.

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