Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hammy's Pick: Samsung Galaxy 551

Finally! I was able to come back to blogging after almost 3 weeks of hiatus. So what kept me busy from posting for that long period of time? Let's see. I had extended holiday season, met with college friends, had to adjust for my new schedule at work and I just bought myself a smart phone.

This is the first time I am going to have a smart phone. I have been thinking since last December to upgrade my mobile phone since it's more than a year old. And so I have checked the net and even asked my friends what they recommend. I also checked the stores to see what are the models currently in the market.

Then I saw Samsung Galaxy 551 in the display case and I was instantly attracted to the phone. But before I decided to buy it, I asked one of my colleague who is fond of smart phones to check if Samsung Galaxy 551 is a good phone. Upon checking the phone's specifications, he gave me a thumbs up to go for the phone.

I am not really a techie guy that can tell you what are the good functionality of the phone. I can say it's good with the large screen which is a good feature of a smart phone. Since I am adjusting with the touch screen, the sliding QWERTY keyboard makes sending SMS easier instead of using the screen keyboard.

One main reason I wanted a smart phone is because of the mobile internet functionality which is easier compared to ordinary mobile phones. I can now update my status on Facebook wherever there's a Wi-Fi access in the area. I might also post blog entries in the future using this phone.

They also say that with the Android OS, applications are free since it is open source. Hopefully, I will be able to post apps review in the future. For the mean time I'll enjoy using the phone as I explore its full potential.


  1. Hi! Have u been experiencing any problems with the phone by this time?

  2. As of the moment, I have not seen any problems. Why did you ask?

  3. How's your PR? There has been an update last month. :)