Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Walking Dead: Save The Last One

The episode begins with Shane shaving off his head in the bathroom. Next scene was Shane and Otis running along the school corridor while chased by the walkers.

Meanwhile in the highway, with Carol crying in the RV, Daryl decided to take a walk along the woods to check and try to look for Sophia. Andrea decided to tag along with him. In the woods he shared some experience when he was nine that he was lost too and believe that Sophia can also be found.

Back at the school, Shane and Otis are on top of the lockers decided to split. Shane went to the window near the bleachers while Otis used the locker room windows. Shane breaks his leg while jumping the 20 foot window after being attacked before he can jump.

Lori is now wondering if it would be better to let Carl die than live in this world. She thinks that this world is no longer for children with the situation of the zombie apocalypse. Rick then tells her that she even asked Jenner (the CDC doctor) to let them out during TS-19 episode. Carl wakes up and tells her about the deer before getting into seizure. It seems that his brain is not getting enough blood. Although Hershel do not recommend of getting blood from Rick, he insisted.

Shane and Otis found a way to run from the zombies but with Shane’s injury it seems they won't be able to outrun them.

Daryl and Andrea found a walker hanging by a tree, it turns out when it was bitten it tried to commit suicide but the infection already took effect. (It seems that walkers do not need air to breath since it was hanging with the rope tied in its neck). Daryl then shoots the hanging walker and cited that he wasted an arrow since he can't retrieve it. Upon returning to the highway camp, Dale returns Andrea's gun and tries to make amends with her.

T-Dog and Glenn arrives at the farm and Patricia stitches the wound. They found out the antibiotics was used by a friend (Merle) for a venereal disease. She jokingly tells T-Dog that Merle's clap was the best thing that happened to him since the meds really helped him.
Glenn started talking to Maggie about what is happening.

Rick tells Lori about the deer Carl was talking about when he woke-up earlier. He then tells Lori that it's a sign Carl deserves to live since he still sees the beauty of life in the deer amidst the zombie thing that is happening around them. They then let Hershel proceed with the surgery when Shane comes just in time but Otis is not with him. He then tells that he didn't make it.

Carl was then operated and in stable condition. The scene is now back to Shane shaving his head after taking a bath. It is then revealed that he purposely shot Otis so that the walkers will attack him and he will get ample time to escape.

I am not sure if what Shane did was justifiable. It is now a big debate among fans if it was acceptable or not. I believe he did it to save Carl and some might say that Otis deserve to die because he shot Carl. I believe there was other way to survive and he should have let Otis decide for that option.

We are still waiting for Sophia to show up in this episode and it seems Daryl still have some high hopes that she will make it. And it's somehow funny that some people were able to compose a poem before hanging themselves but still ends up as a walker. The short poem was "Got bit, fever hit, world gone to shit, might as well quit". As Daryl say that the idiot did not have the courage to pull the trigger or he does have a gun or time to look for a gun and thinks that the easiest way to take his life is by hanging.

Another quote that I like to include in this episode review is the one included in a painting in the bathroom which says "Whenever you wonder, whenever you roam; be happy and healthy and glad to come home." It was shown on the opening scene and somehow a quote directed to Shane.

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