Friday, December 09, 2011

Parallax Dimension: Total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday Night

A total lunar eclipse will take place on December 10, 2011. This will be the second of total lunar eclipse to happen this year with the first occurred on June 15.

The eclipse will be visible from all Asia and Australia. In Europe, it will be seen as the moon rises and will be seen over northwest North America as the moon sets. In the Philippines, the lunar eclipse will be visible just after sunset.

The exact contact times with Earth's umbral and penumbral shadows are listed below:

Universal Time Manila Time
Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 11:33:32 UT 7:33 PM
Partial Eclipse Begins: 12:45:42 UT 8:45 PM
• Total Eclipse Begins: 14:06:16 UT 10:06 PM
• Greatest Eclipse: 14:31:49 UT 10:31 PM
• Total Eclipse Ends: 14:57:24 UT 10:57 PM
• Partial Eclipse Ends: 16:17:58 UT 12:17 AM
• Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 17:30:00 UT 1:30 AM

I have taken the opportunity of converting Universal Time (UT/GMT) to Manila time (GMT +8). If weather permits and I get lucky I will be able to take picture of this astrological phenomenon. You may get additional details about the eclipse here.


  1. I think I'll wait for this one.. I've never seen a Lunar Eclipse in my entire life.. :p

    I just wish that the weather tonight would be good :)

  2. Too bad, I missed it while at its peak! :(