Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beyond the Ringside: Free TV Delayed Delight

There are so many items already written on the web regarding how Manny Pacquiao won over Miguel Cotto. I'll be going beyond that for now.

It is another history made in the field of sports and also for the Philippine history. Zero crime rate, no traffic jams in all roads, no rallies, even Fr. Sinnot's kidnappers released him so that they can watch Pacman's fight this Sunday. Manny Pacquiao makes the Filipino world stop for a moment when he steps in the ring.

This section for the blog "Beyond the Ringside" will show the things you'll notice before, during and after the fight.

The Free TV Delayed Delight

I can't help but compare with live streaming over the net versus free TV broadcasts. The fight was finished in less than hour since Pacman was not able to knock Cotto down on an early round. If he was able to bring him down in the 6th round, it would have been less than 30 minutes.

What's with the free TV (GMA 7) that it takes them hours to show what majority of the Filipinos already know what happened. It is already past 3 hours and still their broadcast is just half of the fight. There's too much commercial ads every after round and still during the fight , 20% of the screen is occupied with scrolling ads.

It's just really funny how the other rival network (ABS-CBN 2) spoils the fun by announcing the outcome in real time basis while showing a movie by scrolling news flash bulletin.

As we all know Free TV is always at the mercy of commercial advertisement. They will not be able to show the fight without them. That is why its called Free TV, you don't have to pay to watch. Otherwise you have other choices to watch the fight live by doing either of the following:
  1. Go to a sports stadium near your area together with the "masa" endure the heat and smell of the people around you.
  2. Go to a nearby mall and pay a hefty Php 300-500 to watch in the cinemas live.
  3. Reserve a table in a restaurant offering a live Pay-per-view broadcast which will also cost you a sum of money.
  4. If you have a cable connection, order the pay-per-view service offered.
  5. Scour all corners of the net to look for a live stream link so that you can watch it without doing the other 4 options.
The only consolation you will have when you watch the delayed telecast is the blow-by-blow comments by Chino Trinidad that will really uplift every Filipino's morale.

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