Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wide Tube 2.0: 2012

We were warned! That's the catch-phrase that you will see on all the promotional posters of the movie 2012. A week after its opening, a friend invited me to watch it. Just the perfect time to watch a new movie because the first week is when the cinemas are filled with all people.

What really happened is my friend initiated if I want to watch the movie because she was not yet able to watch it. Turns out she wanted to watch it for free that's why she invited me to watch it. Lucky her! I been wanting to see the movie that she was on the right time.

We decided to watch it at the Gateway Cinemas. At the cinema lobby the line to the ticket booth seems to be unendless. I forgot that this was the first weekend of the other movie about the vampire and his werewolf boyfriend and a girl who wants to take a piece of them. It's just like "Tayong Dalawa". 8 out of 10 cinemas were alloted for that other movie and only 2 for 2012. The tickets I have purchased is for the last full show.

Roland Emmerich, who really likes to destroy cities in most of his movies has made another good impression on how to destroy not only Los Angeles but also Las Vegas, Washington DC, Hawaii and the rest of the world.

You can say a large portion of the production budget was allocated for the special effects. With runways collapsing before the plane can even take off, then the plane crossing 2 collapsing building with people falling from it. And do not forget the near death brush with a subway train coming from one of the landmass.

One of the scene that captured my attention was the Yellow Stone caldera explosion. It's like mother nature releasing its own brand of nuclear explosion. The tsunami's scenes were not so great and not recommended to be seen by people recently flooded by Ondoy.

In this movie, I did not see any toughness from Danny Glover as the president. When he decided not to leave for the ark, I saw it as a death wish to be with his deceased wife. And also how I wish I had the luck of Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) and his family. He was so damn lucky that nature's wrath is almost behind his butt when he was just in time to save his family from the earthquake, and then chased by exploding pyroclastic materials while retrieving a map, and was able to meet a Tibetan monk that will assist them to sneak into the ark.

Just one goof that I have noticed is when Satnam (Jimi Mistry) called Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) regarding the tsunami coming from the east. Earlier when they were in Air Force One, a crew told Anheuser (Oliver Platt) that they lost all communication on the ground. With this scenario, it is expected that phone lines are down and only satellite phone will work. Both character are using ordinary cellphone and Satnam was able to call Adrian easily. That's what I call movie luck.

If something like this is to happen, it only shows that the government will not be able save you. Money will also not save you, like for Yuri's (Zlatko Burić) situation. He was able to buy a ticket to salvation but he still end up dying the tragic way in order to save the twins.

The film only proves the old adage "If it is already your time, no matter how much you avoid it, it will come to you"

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