Monday, February 28, 2011

Wide Tube 2.0: Just Go With It

What would happen if you are used to tell lies to get laid? What happens when you realize that it's time to stop the lies but you cannot control it anymore? Do you Just Go With It as the title suggest in Adam Sandler's latest movie with Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker.

Danny (Sandler) discovered that he can get women by pretending he had a bad marriage. He had been in this scheme for 20 years after his bride-to-be broke his heart and the only people who knows this are his clinic assistant Katherine (Aniston)and his cousin Eddie.

Then along came Palmer (Decker) whom he met at a party and Danny admitted making a connection with her. The morning after having sex, Palmer discovers the ring and assumes him of being married and tells him not to see her again.

Instead of telling the truth to Palmer, Danny concocted a new story that he is getting a divorce and when Palmer asked to meet his soon-to-be-ex-wife, "Devlin Adams", he asked Katherine to pose as her. More trouble comes when Katherine's kids get involved and blackmails Danny in front of Palmer of getting to Hawaii. They run into the real Devlin Adams (Nicole Kidman) and Katherine asks Danny to pose as his husband as Devlin hates single mothers. As expected, more trouble comes as the two (Danny and Katherine) creates lies to cover the truth they don't want others to know.

The concept to 'just go with it' as the title implies came from Katherine's daughter Maggie as she tells them the concept she have learned in acting school. I will say that this is another Adam Sandler movie good for the family. It never fails to include family values like good parenting. I will give this movie 9 out of 10 rating.

This also makes Brooklyn Decker's debut movie and I am looking forward to see her more in other movies. This is one of the Adam Sandler movie I watched without Rob Schneider making a cameo. It is also the second time I heard the characters mocking Sandler for not being physically fit. One of the thing I liked the most is the sound track which includes Party Ben's mash-up of General Public's Tenderness which was a hit in the 80's with Rihanna's Umbrella. This was played while Katherine and Danny is shopping at Rodeo Drive. I am looking forward to get the original sound track (OST) album of this movie once it is available. Enjoy the video of the mash-up from Youtube.

All images came from Internet Movie Data Base


  1. sa donotdelete ba yan? ei, pano mag screenies pag naka vlc? di gumagana ang normal na screenshot e :p

  2. all images came from IMDB, not yet in DND