Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Taxi Fare Increase - Comparison Table

It is March already and in two months time majority of the taxi cabs will have their meters re-calibrated with the new fare increase applied. Last December, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) announced that they have approved the petition for fare increase on taxi cabs. The new flagdown rate for taxicabs will be up to P40 from the previous P30. There will also be a new rate of P3.50 for every succeeding 300 meters from the present rate of P2.50.

It's a good thing that I'm still able to ride uncalibrated cabs since its not their schedule yet. But when June comes, expect that every taxi cabs you will hail will charge with the increased rate. I was fiddling with Microsoft Excel and decided to create a table to compare how much will I pay for now compared from what I used to pay before the fare increase. I will be sharing the table up to the 300 PHP value in the old fare system.

This table should be able to estimate how much should we be paying on a constant route that we normally take. This information should not prevent us from using taxi especially if there's a need to do so. My advise is to ride in pair or more to reduce the fare since you will be sharing when you pay. Hope this information help you.


  1. may uncalibrated na cabs pero kabog pa ang calibrated. mga madudugas na drivers

  2. @khanto: apir!.. haha

    hmmm.. basta dapat fair ang taxi fare.. may calibration nga pero natatamper naman after a few days.. para walang gulo..

    at isa pa, dapat itaas ang taxi allowance no!

  3. darating ang panahon na mas mura ng bumili ng kotse kaysa sumakay ng taxi.. kelan ba mauuso ang biofuel vehicle..