Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Choose Your Own Apocalyse

With the earthquakes and tsunamis happening more frequently all over the world, assumptions of an apocalyptic event nearing is one of the hottest topic people talk about. Another factor that can add to it is the alleged Mayan prediction that the world will end by 2012.

I have decided to list of some possible event that may lead to the end of the world and if there will be a post-apocalyptic chance of survival. Let's just ignore those false prophets and check out what are the chances that we can survive beyond the end of days scenario. Please take note that I do not have any scientific proof or expertise about the scenarios I am going to talk and just based from some movies.

Water World Scenario
This apocalyptic event can be caused by a natural occurrence like global warming resulting to polar ice caps completely melted submerging not only coastal city but the entire world.
Chances to Happen: Moderately high
Survivability Chances: Medium
Skills Needed: swimming skill, knowledge in operating aquatic vehicles

Desolated Earth Scenario Description:
Desolation scenario can be caused by nuclear holocaust with catastrophic results. Most of the places will be left with minimal life form and this means no plant or animal life making the world a large wasteland. Survivors will have to face the risk of radioactive exposure to fallout remnants.
Chances to Happen: Moderately low (based on the current state of world peace)
Survivability Chances: Low, people who have a nuclear shelter has the only great chance of surviving.
Skills Needed: ability to find clean source of food and water

Ice Age Scenario
Can happen due to massive super storm, global temperature changes, or sudden stop of earth's rotation. Same as the desolation scenario, there will be a great loss of life form on earth's surface and food source will be affected.
Chances to Happen: Very low
Survivability Chances: High
Skills Needed: ability to withstand cold temperature, ability to find good source of food and water

Deep Impact Scenario
Scientists theorized that million of years ago, dinosaurs were wiped out on earth's surface when a meteor crashed. They also said that this might happen in the future and this can lead to extinction of mankind.
Chances to happen: Very low
Survivability Chances: Very low
Skills Needed: ability to find food and water source, must be able to adapt to possible changes in the earth's surface

AI Takeover Scenario
Artificial Intelligence has become self-aware and decided to eradicate human life form leaving them to rule the earth.
Chances to happen: Very low
Survivability Chances: Moderate
Skills Needed: ability to outsmart AI, ability to use firearms, physically fit to run and hide if necessary

Alien Takeover Scenario
Alien entities take over the entire planet as their own and makes the humans their slave or as a food source.
Chances to happen: Very Low
Survivability: Moderate
Skills Needed: Firearms proficiency, physically fit to run and hide if necessary

Zombie Apocalypse Scenario
Might be caused by experimental drugs gone wrong, virus outbreak or effects of a nuclear explosion. People are turned into rampaging rabid zombie who hungers for human flesh.
Chances to happen: Very low
Survivability: Moderate
Skills Needed: physically fit to run and hide if necessary, firearms proficiency

So there you have my list of things that plays in my mind when we talk about the end of days. These are just my imagination and hopefully won't happen in the next 100 years.

All images came from Internet Movie Data Base, Very Demotivational and Google Images


  1. nakabase ba ako?hehehe..

    i think apocalypse is more likely cause by nature. pero mas adventurous un zombie infection :D

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