Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SEx 101: Public Display of Affection in Workplace, Good or Bad?

It has been a long while since I have written something about Social Experiments 101 (SEx 101). I have decided to expand the things I can post in this section. Previously I try to conduct experiments and check how people will react on it. But now I decided to include people's behavior and attitude that I encounter everyday.

I decided to post something about public display of affection (PDA) for quite some time now since I have been wanting to write about it for sometime.

Ever since in school days I have been a witness to a number of relationships from friends and acquaintances who prefers to display how much they love each other in front of the public. Even in my high school days I have been annoyed and uncomfortable when I see my friends showing a lot of affection if front of the class. Now I can understand them since they were young during that time and the only thing they care is how they feel for each other.

I am now working in a corporate office and the workplace seems not safe from PDA. The company I am currently in makes sure that married couple who are currently employed should not be working under same department, teams or should not be reporting under the same manager.

But I have checked our policies and found out it does not have any rules and regulations on with regard to having relationship with colleagues. That is why office romance is I can say rampant in the workplace. I am not really against relationship blossoming in the office, I might say I'm just a believer of Barney Stinson's Platinum Rule.

What I really find uncomfortable is the PDA they do in front of other colleagues. I can respect what they feel with each other but shouldn't display of affection limited at some point. I might say this is a workplace and we should act professionals since we are no longer a teenager in school unaware of their action. Isn't it we should observe proper etiquette in the office and be a little more considerate and be aware of how people around feels.

These are some of the things that I like to make a point when there is an excessive display of affection in the office:
1. These actions greatly affects workers around the couple as some of them might feel uncomfortable.
2. There should be policies to be imposed to make sure that everybody, no matter their comfort level with different public displays of affection, can work comfortably among one another.
3. Should there will be no policies and anyone feels uncomfortable with the situation, some body should talk to the couple or if not possible to a manager so that they can discuss this matter properly with them.
4. Couple should be should be sensitive and respect the people around them so that the work environment will not be affected and productivity will not be sacrificed.

In the end, everybody should be responsible for the action they are doing inside the workplace. That is why we are called professionals because we should know how to practice proper work etiquette.

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  1. as long as walang boom-boom-pow sa opisina at walang smooching everywhere ay oks lang. Kung holding hands and hugs, oks lang.

  2. I agree with khantotantra. Ok lng ang PDA basta hindi too much. There's a place for everything naman ^^

  3. Oo nga naman. People should put others' comfort ahead of theirs - it's called courtesy. :)

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