Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Reasons to Go to the Malls This Holiday Season

I have found new reasons to visit the malls this holiday season. Although this is the time when people start to shop for their gifts this coming holiday, seeing things like this will make you wish to go to the mall like Robin Sparkles always say.

I was meeting some of my college friends in Trinoma. The couple will be leaving for Dubai in a week's time and they wanted to see their friends before doing so.

Trinoma is known for their garden area that looks like a park. So we decided to stay until sunset to avoid the traffic when going home. Around 7 in the evening we noticed some loud Christmas music played in the open area near North Avenue. It turns out that they have a Lights and Sound presentation just like what Ayala did in Ayala triangle. I was only able to capture portion of the presentation and hope you will like it:

After the presentation we decided to call it a day and go home. I have accompanied the couple to the supermarket since they still need to buy some supplies. when I passed by the food court I saw a brass band setting up for a presentation so I took a video of them and they had some awesome set of music. The first set they did was a Michael Jackson medley. Then they had Christmas song such as Sleigh Ride:

They also performed other medley of songs such as Desperado and Hotel California:

After their presentation, I found out that the brass band's name was Banda (14) Katorse from Bulacan and this was their performance to entertain people while they are eating at the foodcourt. I will post some of their performance on my next post.

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