Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nike We Run Manila 2012 Photos

Here are the photos I have taken during Nike We Run Manila 2012 last December 2 at SM-MOA grounds. I would like to apologize for the delay to some of my friends who joined the run. This was my first time covering an event like this and I find it fun but at the same time tiring -- lesson learned use a tripod when covering events like this so that your arm won't ache afterwards.

At first, I do not have plans of taking pictures since I am not really fond of fun runs. I had my run experience on 2010 and there was no follow-up after that. It was my office mate, Paolo aka Kalongkong, who enticed me to take pictures since there will be celebrity runners and plenty of girls too.

So off I go to SM Mall of Asia, to take pictures of the event around 5 in the morning. The first wave of runners reminded me of Plants vs. Zombies because of the hordes of runners along Seaside Blvd. I found out later that there was around 13,000 registered runners who joined the event.

Let me share here some of the photos that I have taken during the event:

This was the horde of runners I was talking about.

I was wondering how this man can survive running while wearing the Iron Man mask.

It really shows that running is not limited to young people.

TV Host and editor, Rovilson Fernandez

Just some lovely lady runners

Some runners with their SLR's is somehow an awkward scene to see during fun run.

I guess Bianca King didn't want to wear the racer's shirt but I don't mind.

So as this two buddies.

This guy got a nice pose, too bad he was running too fast, his head was cut out of the frame.

We got a bad-ass grandpa here for taking his bike on the runners lane.

This proves that running is much more fun when you do it with your friends.

What do you expect to do after a 10K run? 

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