Sunday, December 13, 2009

SEx 101: To Facebook or not to Facebook?

- That is the question

Taken from Shakespeare's "Hamlet", this is the question tingling in my mind for the past months. You would not believe it but yes, I admit, I still do not have a Facebook account since it became so popular since last year.

Everybody I know from my family to my officemates already have an account. I guess you know how much criticisms I get when my friends asked me to add them as a friend and tell them that I don't have an account.

So why haven't I got a Facebook account? Let me tell you some of my reasons.

I have already a Friendster account which I cannot even update. Why would I bother creating another social network account if I can not even maintain my Friendster account?

Facebook is a distraction at work. I have seen all of my officemate how they become obsessed with their "farm", "aquariums", "gangs", "pets", and most recently they worry too much if the food they are preparing for their "restaurants" is already spoiled. I even know who spent playing an application until midnight even he had to be at work by 6 AM. Luckily for him, he doesn't get late yet but signs that he lacks some sleep shows up at work when he becomes easily iritated.

I know how it feels to be addicted to computer games I have been into gaming long ago and I know if I get hooked into this applications in Facebook, I might get addicted to it. I need to practice a great deal of discipline if I am going to have an account. It is always a temptation to play those games.

In our office, nobody from our department is being reprimanded or suspended for excessively addicted to the applications. It seems that even the supervisors is addicted to it. I even heard one manager asking her subordinate to cook some "turkey" for her.

Recently, Facebook become an item in the news. There was a reported murder committed after a partner changed her status in her account. There were several "libel cases" filed against people who posts a malicious post. Several groups filing a complain against Facebook for "privacy violation".

This one is a funny news about a guy pausing before he kisses his bride during their wedding. He got his phone and gave her bride hers to update their status. It was really funny when the minister said "It is now official in my book and on Facebook" that it made the crowd laugh.

There are a lot of good and bad things about Facebook. It is really up to the users how they will use it and how they can protect themselves against malicious intentions of other people.

As for me, I am still thinking and still contemplating whether to have an account or not. As for my friends, I have respected your views with Facebook, so please respect mine. Who knows I might have an account in the future. You can try searching me later. See yah!

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