Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beyond Elections 2010: Things you can do with the Posters after Elections

We are currently on our way back to Manila after voting in our province when a question popped in my mind. After the elections, not just this elections, but every elections, what happens to posters used in campaigns and the one left in trees, electric posts, and other places? It is usually left there until the end of time and that is a reality we see after every elections.

So I have listed some of the things we can do with these posters hanging on our streets:

1. KITE MATERIAL. Since summer time is still in the corner, kite flying is still one of the favorite past time of people. The plastic type of posters is the recommended material for kite making.

2. BILARAN NG PALAY. In the province, we usually dry "palay" after harvest time. This is usually done by spreading it on a open ground like a basketball court or the road. For easy collection in case of rainshower, it is best spread in a sewn sack cloth or a big mat. The tarpouline type of poster is best used for this purpose since palay will be easily dried due to the heat absorbed by the material.

3. CURTAIN or DIVIDER. People living in shanty will have a great use for tarpoulines of the candidates they have voted. They can use it as a curtain, divider, or another layer of roof for protection agains harsh weather.

4. VEHICLE COVERING. If cars do have covers to protect them against weather. Tarpoulines especially the big ones can be used to cover motorcycles, tricycles and other vehicles if you cannot afford to buy a car cover which is expensive.

5. RECYCLE. Although all of the things mentioned above is a means of recycling, bringing the paper type of poster to your nearest junk shop is one of the best thing you can do with it. It is a direct way of recycling thus you help the reduction of waste and at the same time you earn a little by selling it to the junk shop.

I wish all candidates, winner or loser, will have the responsibility to remove their posters so as not to be an obstruction in the streets.

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