Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hammy's Pick: Professional Callboy by Hazel Manzano

Here comes the sequel to Hazel Manzano's Callwork comic book series entitled Professional Callboy. After the successful reception of the first book Callwork, Manzano delivered another set of call center's funny anecdotes.

The comic strip revolves around the lives of the team led by Ken, with his members Jeff, Sarah, Rhea and our favorite character, Clover. It shows how life passes by in the world of call center agents and support engineers. On how they handle irate clients, irate agents, sup calls, AHT maintenance, payslip discrepancies, annoying supervisors, pathetic workforce and many more.

The book contains storyline like Sarah's love story with her supervisor, Clover and Rhea's quest to have a boyfriend in the new hires, and how to tell if your a good supervisor and if you are "pasaway" agent.

This book will not only make you laugh but also make you realize how funny but at the same time how tough is the life of call center agents and technical support people. They will be able to relate to the stories inside the book.


  1. the first book callwork & this sequel is indeed funny. but not laughed out loud. hazel mentioned that she's been working in this industry for 7 years. but it felt that there's a lot more left out. the stories though were too narrowed in a single team as we understood that in a call center, there are a lot of teams roaming around & hard to keep notice with all the buzz & rumors spreading to learn other team's personalities. it needs more engaging outside their own team to make it more funnier as there are more things that we can laugh & learn about not just in a single team supervised by ken. 7 years of call center experience by hazel seems there's a lot of shortcomings in the 2 books. but that can be also a good thing so she can write continuously of experiences. we just hope that she can wrote stories past her own experiences & look beyond the observations of others to make it more laughable.


  2. I believe that Hazel will add new characters in the future. I have seen how comic strip develops its story and you cannot just squeeze too many characters in just 2 books. Hopefully she will be able to include more characters in the next set of her books.