Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DPP Magazine #37 is Super Hot!

Finally I was able to get my copy of Digital Photographer Philippines issue number 37 after a long search in all bookstores I know on the way home. Their newest issue makes the summer season hotter as they feature Lovi Poe and Solenn Heussaff on the cover with the swimsuit issue.

The issue features the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Caltex's Photo Contest and the event's winning images. It also includes a little deliberation about movie modes in DSLR nowadays - do you want it in your camera or not? Plus a lot of shooting techniques with 20 tips to capture summer in your own backyard; tips and tricks on how to take action shots and what is speed photography all about; and additional information from professionals who likes to take pictures of the wild. The issue also includes a 20-page guide on shooting swimsuit with Lovi and Solenn making the summer hotter with their bikini photo shoot in Tali Beach Resort located in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Among the cameras that were featured are Olympus' PEN E-PL2, Fujifilm's FinePix X100, Sigma SD1 DSLR, Canon EOS 1100D and 600D. Also has a full review of Canon EOS 60D, Nikon D7000, and Pentax K-5.

Digital Photographer Philippines number 37 is now available at your magazine stands and some book stores.

DPP Magazine Cover was scanned and watermarked for blog purposes only.


  1. satisfied? ehehe.. ganda din nung sa sports photography, malulupet ang shots.

  2. About time you install a shoutmix or chatbox. Hehehe.

  3. I really love this magazine they have an amazing shots to their photos.

  4. Nice issue to! pede peram sir? hehe :D