Wednesday, May 20, 2020

May 20 - Prologue

Tony could't win this argument. He wasn't going to suddenly declare a renewed interest in building weapons.
The other reporters all fires away with their question, yelling louder and louder as they tried to be heard over each other.
"... Iron Man... weapons... public safety... her name... "
Tony backed slowly up against the fountain as the crowd pressed in. This time, instead of the dropping to the sidewalk, he leapt into the fountain, getting good and drenched as he ducked across it and out the other side. He ran to the parking structure, glad for the small delay as his pursuers gathered their tripods and gear. Tony hurried up a set of stairs to the second level. He had just enough of a head start that he was able to throw himself off the side of the structure without the reporters seeing him.

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