Monday, May 11, 2020

May 11 - Prologue

"Mister Stark."
Tony looked up to see a giant SLR lens pointing at his face.
"You must be Joe." The cameraman's face reddened as he realized Tony had overheard his "rich weasel" remark.
Now a half-dozen other cameras were on tripods and pointed at Tony face, along with three microphones.
Tony jumped  to his feet. Reporters pressed in, crushing other's gear in their zeal to get closer.
"Mister Stark," the cameraman slowly rolled out the syllables. "Whatever were you doing lying on the sidewalk? Don't you know that Dubai gets hot this time of year?"
"Of course," said Tony. "Stark Enterprises is working on a new piece of equipment that cools sidewalks. For your information, heat is the number-one cause of..."
He thought rapidly. Sidewalks were more likely to degrade with cold, not heat.

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